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Thanks to the labors of John Barach and Peter Leithart we now have a new volume of essays honoring James B. Jordan, fresh off the press (and available soon from a number of outlets online including Athanasius Press!).

This book not only has some outstanding pieces in it (essays by Duane Garner, Rich Lusk, Tim Gallant, Ralph Smith, Bill DeJong, Toby Sumpter, Jeff Meyers, Doug Wilson, Bogumil Jarmulak, Rich Bledsoe, and others) but it also contains a comprehensive listing of all of Jim’s writings (books, essays, newsletters, etc.) — which is almost worth the price of the book all by itself.

The foreword was written by the editor of First Things, Rusty Reno, and he has this to say about Jim:

James B. Jordan is remarkable. There are plenty of Bible preachers in America who know the Scriptures well. Lots of professors read books in philosophy, history, and literature and have all sorts of interesting things to say about culture. Pundits cultivate a sharp, pungent, and readable style. But Jim is perhaps unique. Who else writes detailed interpretations of the book of Daniel and quotes Allen Tate’s poetry? Who else can give a lecture on echoes of Leviticus in the apocalyptic vision of Zechariah and then chat over cigars about Friedrich von Hayek and Richard Weaver? Moreover, who can cover such a range with vivid images, punchy taglines, and memorable turns of phrase? Not many, which is why I’ve come to think of Jim Jordan as one of the most important Christian intellectuals of our day.

Set aside the bills and get ready to purchase this great book.

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You really, really, really want to get these lectures. Outstanding stuff on Solomon’s Song.

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