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I haven’t commented on it, because it was so outrageous, but Doug Wilson has been accused of denying “sola fide.” Yeah, I know. Insanity. Doug has given an excellent response, here and here — but, as usual, it’s falling on deaf ears. All that matters to our modern-day “Defenders of the Truth” is making the accusation, no proof is needed.

Then a couple of days ago, Jeff Meyers gets accused of denying all kinds of important things (of course these are things which he firmly believes and teaches and has never once thought of denying — but why be bothered by facts? they only get in the way of the plan, right?). Anyway, Jeff has also issued a response to the long list of false accusations — even though we all know that it will make absolutely no difference to his accusers. (click on this link to download Jeff’s response)

Sorry, but I’ve run out of adjectives to describe how wicked and lawless all this is.

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