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It’s nice to hear of men who are unwilling to break their wedding vows and God’s commandments in order to remain faithful to God and to their wives. And to hear of this stand being taken by a successful actor . . . in Hollywood . . . is like hearing that Huge Hefner now thinks that monogamy is cool.

But, this is exactly what actor Neal McDonough just did . Neal is a faithful Christian and has always made it clear that he would not do love scenes. So, when the script for the new ABC series, Scoundrels called for his character to be in a “sex scene” he refused. The producers promptly replaced him with another actor who didn’t have these strange scruples.

His refusal to pretend to make love with another woman cost McDonough approximately $1 million.

And Neal thinks that’s a small price to pay to show that he’s serious about loving his wife and being faithful to her and to God.

And I do too.

Thanks Neal.

[HT: Jon Barlow]

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