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AAPC 2010

Ok, we’re finally ready to accept your registrations for the 2010 AAPC Pastors Conference. Go here for all the info (including online registration). The topic this year is “The Necessity of the Reformation” and we are going to have a great slate of speakers. I mean just look at these faces:

And, on top of these guys, we’re also having a free Jamie Soles concert on Tuesday evening.

Hey, I hear you. Got “can’t miss” written all over it doesn’t it?

Really. How can you resist?

You can click here to register.

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If you were unable to attend the Pastors Conference this week, you missed some outstanding stuff. Rich Lusk, Rich Bledsoe, Doug Wilson, and Jim Jordan, gave some tremendous lectures (that you can download here). Please do it. You won’t be sorry.

[do it in honor of Elvis’ birthday, which is today]

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