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Paris and love

Larry Lawlace mentioned this movie in a comment and it reminded me of how much I enjoyed it. It’s a collection of 18 short films directed by 18 different directors. The stories are based upon various locations in Paris. It’s been a while since I saw it and I can’t remember exactly which of the films are not so hot (there are some and so I can’t give it an unqualified endorsement) but let me commend one of the shorts in particular: “Bastille.” Written and directed by Isabel Coixet, “Bastille” is the story of a man who meets his wife for lunch prepared to tell her that he is leaving her for another woman. Before he can give her this news, however, she tells him that the doctors have determined that she has a terminal illness and only has a few months to live. What begins as another story about infidelity, ends as a story about love. Beautiful.

[Ok, going back to review the contents, you can safely avoid the majority of the shorts. But don’t miss “Bastille”; “Loin du 16e”; “Parc Monceau”; and “Place des fĂȘtes.” These four are worth your time — and if the only one you watch is “Bastille,” you won’t be a loser]

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