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Knowing how enamored I am by disasters of epic proportions and my penchant for crisis management (!), some fanatical fanlings of the TV series “Jericho” have been encouraging me to watch the first season (this was prior to its cancellation, they are much more subdued at present). So I did. I thought it was interesting, fun even, but one thing struck me — this has to be one of the most secular shows I’ve ever seen. We’re supposed to be in a small, Midwestern town, which has a church in which (we assume) people worship, get married, have their funerals, etc. and yet we never ever see or even hear about the minister (except for about 10 seconds when he’s concerned about the church building being damaged). amazing. There has been a nuclear holocaust, thousands have died across the country, there is no communication with the outside world, loved ones are missing, chaos is growing, and yet not a word from the minister? No one wants to talk to him? No prayer meetings? No services calling for public repentance or for God’s help, strength, protection, deliverance, etc? nothing. He is the invisible man (except for the 10 seconds when he is the whining, visible man). wow. I knew the Church was considered to be irrelevant to this culture, but “Jericho” is a stunning reminder of just how irrelevant we are in the eyes of this world.

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