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Someone just pointed out something that I had missed completely . . . and maybe you missed it too. On Thursday, December 19, our president signed an executive order (“Amending Executive Order 12425”) allowing INTERPOL to operate within the United States without having to answer to the FBI or any other American agency AND they are no longer required to meet Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) requests. [Details can be found here]

What does this mean? Well, according to Anthony Martin:

It means that INTERPOL now has the full authority to conduct investigations and other law enforcement activities on U.S. soil, with full immunity from U.S. laws such as the Freedom of Information Act and with complete independence from oversight from the FBI.

President Reagan (in Executive Order 12425) had granted INTERPOL the status of diplomatic personnel in our country allow them operate more easily enforcing international law. But he included two exceptions to this status. The first had to do with taxation and the second insured that INTERPOL had the same accountability for its actions as American law enforcement (they had to produce records when demanded and they could not have immunity for their actions). President Obama’s action repealed the latter exception.

Now, whether or not you approve of an international police agency (and that’s another discussion altogether!), what possibly could be motivating our president to amend Reagan’s order and grant them immunity from all — that’s all — accountability??? Why grant this??

One of the elementary rules of law-making (and it applies fully to “executive orders”) is “Consider how the wording and provisions of this law might be abused and used unlawfully and unjustly against the citizens of our country.” Is it possible that our president is so naive as to think this provision is “safe”? Really?

I’m not one to see conspiracies everywhere, but what possible rationale can there be for this? I mean, I know that the constitution means nothing to modern politicians but this is beyond anything even the most liberal congressman would dare to recommend.

Is this what he means by “international cooperation”? If so, I’m a new convert to isolationism.

[HT: Barb Harvey]

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