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Here’s what we got goin for this Saturday (March 6) at the Bucer Institute:

Duane Garner will be speaking on “Patriotism or Nationalism?” and “Conspiracy Theories and the Conspirators Who Believe Them”

I’ll be speaking on “America’s Wars” (an analysis of our country’s major wars beginning with the War for Independence and going through Vietnam).

It all begins at 9:00 a.m. It should be fun so plan to join us!

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The MP3s of the talks given at the Bucer Institute on “Romanism and Orthodoxy” are now ready and you can go here to download them.

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If you weren’t here for John Barach’s lectures on Philippians, you really missed a treat. John did a great job in covering Paul’s epistle, giving both exegetical and practical insights that were extremely helpful. Here are a few of the tidbits we heard:

“Being in prison is not bad news . . . it’s the first stage of dominion.”
“Paul is a Trojan Horse for the gospel.”
“The support of the Spirit comes through the prayers of the people.”
“Paul saw his mission as making people joyful. This is the pastor’s job.”
“Unity is a gift and a mandate.”

And there was a lot more that I don’t have time to put in now — really great stuff.

Go to the MP3 site and download the lectures as soon as they’re ready, they are excellent.

(and we are already looking forward to seeing them in a future “Through New Eyes” commentary!)

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If you’re going to be in our area this Saturday (or if you are close enough to drive) you’ll want to come to the Bucer Institute Spring “Special Session” which begins Saturday at 9:00 a.m.

Pastor John Barach (pastor of Christ Church, Medford, OR) will be here to give four lectures on the book of Philippians.

Yep. It’s going to be really fine. Call us, we’ll save you a place.

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Each semester at the Bucer Institute we have a course we call “The Church and Culture” which is basically a catch-all for any topic we’d like to talk about. Our “Church and Culture” class for this semester was held this past Saturday on the topic of “The Christian Imagination” and it was outstanding. (Check out the MP3s when they are ready for downloading, you won’t regret it.).

Too many good things were said to repeat them all, but here are a few of them:

A woman living on the frontier in the 19th century commented on the quilts she made: “I make them warm to keep my family from freezing; I make them beautiful to keep my heart from breaking.”

Poetry humbles us by giving us more than we can understand. It’s “bigger” than we are.

Why are the Reformed so unimaginative? Artists tend to arise from traditions that allow mystery, not from traditions that see mystery as a threat to the “system” and therefore always seek to explain (or define) it away.

The literal is too skeletal and minimalistic to carry the grand load of truth that the poetic can easily transport.

Some of the things covered were, the importance of the imagination; the imagination and theology; how to cultivate a sanctified imagination; a primer on poetry; and the deeper meaning of watching the dead bodies of plague victims being catapulted over the walls of a besieged city. All in all, it was more fun than ought to be legal.

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I haven’t mentioned the Bucer Institute here and that’s a big, BIG mistake. We’ve had some excellent lectures over the past few years and this semester has been no exception. Last weekend we enjoyed a visit from Ralph Smith (pastor of the Mitaka Evangelical Church in Tokyo, Japan) who gave four lectures on the baptism of Christ and they were outstanding. In addition, on the first Saturday of October, Duane Garner gave four timely lectures on how to watch and understand TV and the movies (called “The Spectator and the Spectacle”).

Both sets of lectures are well worth your time and you can download them as MP3s here.

Or, if you prefer CDs, you can order sets here. bucer

Really good stuff.

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Just a quick note to call your attention to our 2008-9 Bucer Institute schedule and activities. On Friday night, September 12 at 7:00, we’ll be having our annual convocation banquet with Jim Jordan as our speaker (great food, stimulating fellowship, and all for only $10 per plate!). Then on Saturday morning at 9:00, we begin the semester with the first class of Jim’s Old Testament Survey Course (he will give four lectures on the book of Genesis). It’s going to be just fine in every way and everyone who would like to come is welcome.

(If you go to the Bucer Institute site, you can see the rest of the schedule for this semester . . . Jeff Meyers is coming, as is Ralph Smith, along with our regulars, Duane Garner and George Thompson — wondermous in excelsis).

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