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Get choo one

Athanasius Press has republished Jim Jordan’s excellent work, The Liturgy Trap. With the revival of interest in more historic liturgies, some, in their search for more full liturgical expression, have become enamored with practices that have no biblical support (praying to saints, bowing to statues, venerating the bread and wine of the Lord’s Supper, etc.). If you have questions about all this, you need to read this brief work (and give it to your friends).

AND, for a short time, you can order it at a great discount, ratcheer.

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We just received another outstanding Athanasius Press publication . . . and it’s just in time for Christmas!

You really do need to stock up on a whole bunch of these for your loved ones. I mean, how many others are going to be giving away the “key” to the book of Revelation for Christmas? huh? It’s perfect for friends and family. Get a bunch of them now. You can order it from Athanasius Press ratchere.

and speaking of good deals, Auburn Avenue Media has just slashed prices for all CD sets and MP3 (on CD) sets. Go here and here and check em out.

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