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Paris je t’aime is not a movie I can recommend. The two-hour film consists of eighteen brief stories set in eighteen of the twenty administrative districts that make up the city of Paris. Each of the short films is directed by a different director (all totaled, 22 directors were involved in the entire project). The movie as a whole is very uneven — some of the vignettes are ok, some are good, some are simply terrible — but my favorite of the bunch (and the only one I can fully recommend) is “Bastille” directed by Isabel Coixet.

It’s a powerful story of a man who has been involved in an affair with a much younger woman and has come to the point of telling his wife that he’s leaving her for his lover. The plan was to tell her over lunch at one of their favorite restaurants. But his plan (and his heart) is changed by unexpected news.

Take five minutes and watch this piece — you’ll be happy you did.

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