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Not going to Rome

With the news of another “truly Reformed” defender of the true Reformed faith running into the open arms of Rome, we are being treated (this time quite ironically) with another chorus of “this is where the Federal Vision leads you!” rigmarole.

If you think the so-called “Federal Vision” guys have been encouraging people to go into the Roman Church, you simply haven’t been paying attention.

See this from Jim Jordan and this from Peter Leithart and this and this from us here — and that’s just to take a few of the more recent examples. Similar stuff has been put out for years from our side. We’ve published articles, given lectures, hosted seminars demonstrating the errors of Rome and Constantinople and held a full conference on the issue of why the Reformation was important and vital for the well-being of the Church. To anyone who hasn’t slept through the last decade, it’s been plain that we have no inclination, no fascination, and certainly no determination to join ourselves with sectarians (like the RCC and the EOC) when we can be happily and sincerely catholic where we are.

But, I guess our critics might respond, “But why should we start paying attention to what you actually believe at this point?”

Oh. Yes. Right. Point taken.


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