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Well, dang.

It’s like I never said anything.

So the New York Post reports that Robert Fitzpatrick (a retired transit authority employee from Staten Island) just spent his life savings ($140,000) on ads warning everyone that Judgment Day is coming next Saturday (May 21).

Fitzpatrick says that “A giant earthquake will render the earth uninhabitable” next Saturday at 6:00 p.m.

Well, that means that the earthquake is going to hit about the fourth inning of my grandson’s scheduled baseball game . . . but that’s not what makes me unhappy. No.

What makes me unhappy is that I sent out word over a year ago to all of Harold Camping’s followers that I would take their stuff since they didn’t really need it — I mean with the world ending and all.

But, nobody has taken me up on the offer.

Not a single one.

I never heard one word from Mr. Fitzpatrick . . . and there he is, throwing all that folding money away on ads . . . in New York City!

And I sure use $140,000 about now.

And on top of that, I could have saved him from all that frustration and anger he’s going to feel around 6:15 p.m. or so, next Saturday.


[HT: Sarah Garner]

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