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So now we’re told that President Obama has decided not to release any photos of Osama bin Laden’s dead body. No matter that it would put to rest all the conspiracy theories that have grown like topsy since Sunday night. No matter that it would prove to Al-Qaeda that their leader is now painfully aware of the fact that the 72 virgins that were supposed to meet him apparently didn’t get the memo.

It’s almost as if Obama is trying to make sure the conspiracy crowd has enough fodder to make their theories of how none of this really happened seem quite plausible — or, at least, to claim that it is not like they said it was.

The administration is all of a sudden concerned that releasing the picture might stir up the passions of the Muslim community — as if they aren’t stirred up already. One official said that they decided not to do this since it is contrary to Islamic law (hey, but we’ve also learned that the burial at sea was contrary to Islamic law too — so what’s the problem?).

We’re all just supposed to take the word of the President and his spokesmen. In spite of the fact that they have already given at least 3 or 4 versions of what went down on Sunday at the bin Laden fortress and have had to retract numerous misstatements and errors that official spokesmen (who are supposed to know the facts) passed along.

Does anyone in this administration understand how arrogant this looks? Does anyone realize what most of us learned in the second grade — that when you have a reputation for lying, people don’t tend to believe you when you tell the truth (the old Peter and the Wolf story, you know the one). Liars have to prove their statements before they can expect to be believed.

Does anyone in the White House understand the phrase “You can’t have it both ways”? That is, you can’t mock and deride the conspiracy theorists and refuse to prove your claims.

But this one’s not hard to resolve. Just show the pictures. Show the video of the attack. It’s simple and that would settle the matter for most people.

But the longer you wait, the more time you have to “doctor” the evidence (whether you’re doing it or not) so that when you finally realize how stupid this decision is, you’re not going to be believed anyway, no matter how much evidence you pull out.

This isn’t calculus guys, it’s an easy fix: just show us the pictures. lt’s as easy as proving that you have a birth certificate . . . . . . uh, oh well, nevermind.

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