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Ligon Duncan, heretic

The enemies of the so-called “Federal Vision” have had a grand time “exposing the heresies” of me and my friends. It has been quite entertaining to read these documents — especially since most of our “errors” were held by men whose orthodoxy has never been challenged, and sometimes, our positions were even held by those who have denounced us. Thus, for example, Jeff Meyers was charged with this:

TE Meyers believes ‘the triune God is the archetype of all covenantal relations’ (Joint Federal Vision Profession [JFVP], 2). This is contrary to the Standards which state that the covenant is a way by which God voluntarily condescends to man so that man can have God as His blessedness (WCF 7.1).

Ligon Duncan, who has been an outspoken critic of “Federal Vision” theology apparently does not view this position as problematic, however. A few years ago, he wrote this:

Covenant theology flows from the trinitarian life and work of God. God’s covenant communion with us is modeled on and a reflection of the intra-trinitarian relationships. The shared life, the fellowship of the persons of the Holy Trinity, what theologians call perichoresis or circumincessio, is the archetype of the relationship the gracious covenant God shares with His elect and redeemed people. God’s commitments in the eternal covenant of redemptive find space-time realization in the covenant of grace.

[taken from Dr. Duncan’s brief position statement “What is Covenant Theology”]

So, I guess I am forced to conclude that Dr. Duncan has fallen over the wall and become one of us. What else can we conclude?

After all, this is the judgment of all the major Reformed denominations. This is the settled conviction of all the “experts” on “Federal Vision.” And, finally, this is the judgment of the men who write “The Aquila Report” (and if you can’t trust their judgment, pray, what is the world coming to??).

So, sorry Ligon, I’d love to defend you, but . . . well, who am I to contradict such unanimous condemnation?

[HT: Mark Horne]

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Terrifying love

That distinguished man to the left is the new governor of Alabama, Robert Bentley — and, in case you haven’t heard, Governor Bentley just set a record for how quickly one can “make a scene” after entering office.

The Anti-Defamation League and the Muslims are all aflutter about what the governor said just moments after his inauguration on Monday. The governor is a Christian and while meeting with a church group after the inauguration ceremony had the audacity to say, “Anybody here today who has not accepted Jesus Christ as their savior, I’m telling you, you’re not my brother and you’re not my sister, and I want to be your brother. . . . If the Holy Spirit lives in you that makes you my brothers and sisters. Anyone who has not accepted Jesus, I want to be your brothers and sisters, too.”

Yes, I know. I felt that shudder.

Put aside for the moment that the governor was simply repeating what Jesus Himself taught and the Church historically has believed, this is officially “unacceptable” to our modern guardians of the sensitivities of everyone except those who believe the Bible.

The Anti-Defamation League was quick to express their flabbergastedness. ADL’s regional director, Bill Nigut blurted:

His comments are not only offensive, but also raise serious questions as to whether non-Christians can expect to receive equal treatment during his tenure as governor.

And, not to be outdone, our friends, the ever-sensitive followers of Muhammad, said “Amen.” Ashfaq Taufique, president of the Birmingham Islamic Society, expressed his dismay over the governor’s religious convictions:

Does it mean that those who according to him are not saved are less important than those who are saved? Does he want those of us who do not belong to the Christian faith to adopt his faith? That should be toned down. That’s not what we need. If he means that, I hope he changes it. We don’t want evangelical politicians. They can be whatever in their private life.

Hey, we hear you, Ashfaq. Governor Bentley certainly seems to be a great threat to the safety and security of the citizens of Alabama. Saying that he would like everyone to receive Jesus sounds much more sinister than Muhammed’s statement that Muslims have an obligation to slay all Christians “wherever you find them.” (Qur’an 9:5)

Yep, best keep an eye on that new governor of yours. You never know what he’ll do next. I mean, who knows? you might even catch him praying for you! the horror!

Please know that you along with all the people of Alabama have our sympathies. How will you sleep at night?

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We’re having a great time at the 2011 AAPC Pastors Conference even though we’re missing Doug and Nancy Wilson who were not able to make it down because of the weather. In spite of that we still are enjoying Doug’s lectures. With the help of Daniel Foucachon and CanonWired (and Jarrod Richey here at AAMedia) we’re having a “virtual Doug” experience. Here’s his first lecture just so you’ll know what you’re missing!

(just click the link below)


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Amazing glory

It’s time for some more strange and glorious creatures that God has created and (at least in regard to some of them) we’re just finding in the depths of the sea.

Here’s the first one: A mantis shrimp found in tropical waters. This guy can snap his claws so rapidly that they leave vacuum bubbles in the water — and, what’s cooler, when the bubbles collapse, they emit flashes of light.

How about this cute little fellow: A pigmy seahorse.

And finally, the Durban dancing shrimp (who, as you can tell, just finished starring in Tron).

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Great escapes, 2010

You’ve probably already seen this. If you haven’t, then be amazed. If you have, be amazed again.

Makes you look forward to this new year, doesn’t it? (Psa. 116:8)

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