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I like my hair too.

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Ok, here are the “mascots” for the 2012 London Olympics:

Why do the national Olympic committees do this? These “mascots” continue to get weirder and weirder. So what’s the deal? Do they think, “Let’s get the creepyist designs you’ve ever seen — you know, something guaranteed to make little children wake up screaming in the middle of the night.”?

Ok. Hear this future national Olympic committees: we’ve had enough. We don’t want any more of these freaky mascotty thingys. Ever. No more “mascots” for the Olympics. We hate them. They are unnecessary and stupid and they give us the willies.

So. Quit. Stop it.

And if you don’t, we promise to hunt you down, lock you in a room, tie you to a chair, tape your eyes open, and force you to watch an endless loop of “Teletubbie” videos until you give us lots of money.

or something like that . . . .

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So now it comes out that our President is using a social security number set aside for citizens of Connecticut — even though he has never lived or worked in that state. Apparently, he actually did work in Hawaii. But never in Connecticut.

So. huh.

Everybody’s been so upset with the “birthers” making a big deal about his birth certificate (or lack of one) and now this comes out.

Susan Daniels, a private investigator from Ohio, says, “In 15 years of having a private investigator’s license in Ohio, I’ve never seen the Social Security Administration make a mistake of issuing a Connecticut Social Security number to a person who lived in Hawaii. There is no family connection that would appear to explain the anomaly.”

Now, if I used a fake Social Security number (or even misprint my real one on my tax return), I would get nasty letters threatening me with long-term prison sentences and fines. But the President gets elected to the highest office in the land . . . with (apparently) a completely fake SS number?

Howzat happen?

And how many more questionable things are going to have to come out before the mainstream media says, “Uh, Mr. President, WHAT’S GOING ON?”

Where are Woodward and Bernstein when you need them?

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Just so you know. So you can cover the eyes of the children and all.

[And, to protect myself from the charge that I don’t pass along important information that can protect you and your family from things that can cause irreparable harm]

The new edition of the U. S. Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the Articles of Confederation published by Wilder Publications, carries this very helpful “warning” in the front:

This book is a product of its time and does not reflect the same values as it would if it were written today. Parents might wish to discuss with their children how views on race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, and interpersonal relations have changed since this book was written before allowing them to read this classic work.

Whoa. Thanks guys. I’ve been terrified thinking that people might actually be taking the Constitution at face value — I mean, reading it as if it was the law of the land or something. But even I haven’t thought about printing a “warning label” in the front to make the danger clear!

Yeah, I know — like, DUH! right?

[HT: The Cato Institute via Julie Anderson]

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Here’s an ad being played in Pennsylvania to “encourage” the payment of back taxes:

The sad thing is, they’re not joking.

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