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Ok, take a good, long look at that stuff the guy in the picture to the left is holding in his hand.

It’s called “huitlacoche” (we-la-ko-chee) . . . or “corn smut.” A fungus that grows on ears of corn.

Here’s the question: Does that look nourishing to you? no wait. Does that look delicious to you?

Well, sounds like you’d better get used to seeing it around. Scientists say this stuff is almost unrivaled for its nutritional value. Mexicans say it is delicious and view it as a delicacy and so do many other people whose taste is classified by those who know as “refined.”

Steve Sando, who is identified in this story as an “epicurean” says this about it: “Who cares about the nutritional value? The flavors are amazing!”


Ok, sorry Steve, but I’m just not up to putting what looks like 3 week-old cows’ brains in my mouth right now.

Nope. Can’t do it.

[HT: George Shubin]

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