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I continue to be amazed over the hysterical reactions that come from the media, academia, and even evangelical Christians, when someone, somewhere says something that might be considered favorable toward the Old South (the Confederacy). They can be patient and tolerant toward nearly every crazy, insane conviction (or person) . . . but if someone says he appreciates Robert E. Lee, he is immediately labeled an enemy to all life and godliness.

And I’m not talking about reacting against things said by the lame brains that think that racism and slavery were (and are) wonderful blessings to the country or the halfwits who still think that people who have a skin color different from mine are somehow not fully and truly human. If they were reacting against these dim bulbs, I’d be happy to join them in their ridicule and outrage.

But instead of having real, genuine “grounds” for offense, they’re outraged over things like Governor Bob McDonnell’s declaration proclaiming April “Confederate History Month” in the state of Virginia. Governor McDonnell consented to a request from the Sons of Confederate Veterans and declared April to be a month to remember the men, women, and children who died in the most deadly war our country has ever endured.

That’s all he did. Really.

Gov. McDonnell along with the Sons of Confederate Veterans opposes slavery and laments its presence in the past (and the present). Gov. McDonnell along with the SCV believe that racism is evil. But, no matter. Gov. McDonnell has committed one of the unpardonable sins of modern America: being gracious toward the South.

Look. No one says that the Confederacy was sinless or perfect or ideal and no one in their right mind wants to “turn back the clock” to the mid-1800s. But to view the Confederacy as the “one of the most evil regimes in world history” (as one of my friends called it) is about as far off the mark as the distance of a round trip to Pluto.

It’s hard to believe that no one remembers (or apparently cares about) what Sherman did on his “March” (with President Lincoln’s full approval) which was far more wicked and evil than anything ever condoned by the Confederate government.

If you want to know evil regimes, read Paul Johnson’s Modern Times and learn what a truly evil regime looks like. In spite of all its sins, the Old South doesn’t even come close to matching the “big boys” of evil that have appeared on the stage of our “enlightened” age.

The selective indignation involved in all this almost defies description — but Pat Buchanan takes a shot at it, and hits the bull’s eye.

And, truthfully, he’s only scratching the surface. Lots more could be said.

Too bad that most won’t listen. Understanding the whole story often takes the fun out of demonizing people. And besides, hatred is fun — especially when you can do it and feel really righteous about it.

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Wow. This is an amazing story about some courageous U.S. military docs in Afghanistan. A soldier from the Afghan National Army had an explosive bullet lodged in his brain. American docs risked their own lives to remove it:

The Taliban bullet, containing 2oz of high explosives. was powerful enough to have killed the entire surgical team. But the brave US medics succeeded in delicately extracting it during the marathon operation at Bagram air base, Afghanistan.

Amazing work, guys.

[HT: Burke Shade]

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