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More weird creatures

Scientists are looking into the waters under the polar ice cap in Antarctica . . . and finding some pretty unusual creatures there. Here are a few of them:

Chaenocephalus aceratus fish are highly adapted to life the cold waters of Antarctica’s continental shelf. Their blood is filled with anti-freeze, but no red blood cells.

This is the sea pig also called a sea cucumber or Holothuroid. They are important in processing the sediment.

This is a “Feather Star” — Feather stars are very mobile as both adults and larvae. They eat phytoplankton.

This is called a “Basket Star” or Gorganocephalus. As it is posed here, it is able to filter feed on food floating by in the water above the seabed.

Amazing. And the only one who has been enjoying them for all these thousands of years was God. Till now.

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