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May’s miracle

May (Mary) Lemke and her husband, Joe, married in their late forties. May had five healthy children from her first marriage, but they were grown and gone from home by the time she and Joe married. Mary and Joseph adopted an infant (Leslie) who was not yet six months old. Leslie had no eyes (they had been surgically removed soon after birth), he was severely retarded, and had cerebral palsy.

The doctors told May that the baby could not survive. May didn’t believe them. She took him home and began to love and care and pray for him. He didn’t know how to swallow, so Mary pushed food down his throat. He could do none of the things healthy babies do. He was completely unresponsive, made no sounds, did not move. May held Leslie and prayed that God would let him know that he was loved. God answered her prayer.

You need to watch all three parts of this video to hear this remarkable story. Here’s part one:

This program was broadcast on the CBC in 1983. May Lemke died in 1993.

HT: James Johnson

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