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Yep. That’s Jordan all right.

The bloodshot eyes and Stonehenge teeth are a dead giveaway. I can tell it’s Jim from a mile away.

And furthermore, the guy you see over his shoulder on the right is Jeff Meyers (the guy who’s got the spikey-corn row hair thing going).

Oh and the other guy on the left is Peter Leithart (you can tell by the Mr. Universe biceps). He’s always pumped like that.

And the little guy behind Peter is Ralph Smith — yeah, I know, it’s a little hard to tell, but the giveaway here is that he’s really short. That’s Ralph all right.

You don’t want to mess with any of these guys, I’m telling you. Really. You’ll be very sorry if you do.

But speaking of Jordan, if you’d like to get the recordings of his latest lectures at the Bucer Institute (and don’t you dare talk about “weird” until you listen to these) just contact AAMedia. They can help you out!

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