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Below is a clip of a small group of pagan peoples who call themselves the “Earth First!” tribe. This tribe has been around a little over a quarter of a century. They worship trees and nature in general and have an especial reverence for “old growth” trees that have been lost through storms or cut down to supply shelters and valuable articles which increase the comfort and joy of the rest of the human race. It has been interesting to watch their patterns of behavior over the years. They weep over the loss of a tree, but, strange to say, seem to be utterly insensitive to the well-being of fellow human beings. They have become increasingly distraught over the fact that the rest of us by and large, ignore them and continue to enjoy the things we can build from their gods. It is a very strange psychosis, but let’s not judge. Regardless of how one may feel about this interesting group of Americans who pretend to be aborigines, it is good for us to know that this tribe exists and to be aware of their insanity. And let us pray that it be temporary.

Here is a video will assist in raising your sensitivities. Indeed, after watching the anguish of these primitive peoples, I determined to build a big bonfire in their honor, roast a few fowl*, and eat them on my wooden table while sitting on my wooden chair — handcrafted from old growth oak — just to let them know that I’ve heard their wailing . . . and am now more thankful than ever that I own an ax as well as a saw.


*I had originally written “foul” — I guess as an unconscious reference to how this makes me feel.

[HT: John Stoos]

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