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Bret Hume is getting hashed and dashed for giving Tiger Woods the best (public) advice Tiger’s ever heard: “Quit being a Buddhist, become and Christian, be cleansed of your sins, and get a new start.” Horridly judgmental, right? Well, that’s how the professors of “tolerance” have taken it, anyway.

Leave it to Ann Coulter (again) to set everyone straight.

After pointing out how “easy” Christianity is (all that is required is believing on Jesus who died and rose again) she points out how “hard” Christianity is:

Christianity is also the hardest religion in the world because, if you believe Christ died for your sins and rose from the dead, you have no choice but to give your life entirely over to Him. No more sexual promiscuity, no lying, no cheating, no stealing, no killing inconvenient old people or unborn babies — no doing what all the other kids do.

And no more caring what the world thinks of you — because, as Jesus warned in a prophecy constantly fulfilled by liberals: The world will hate you.

With Christianity, your sins are forgiven, the slate is wiped clean and your eternal life is guaranteed through nothing you did yourself, even though you don’t deserve it. It’s the best deal in the universe.

There you go, Tiger. From the mouth of two witnesses.

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