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Here’s why

Reverend Bill DeJong has done us all a great favor by giving a careful examination of the URCNA FV Study Committee Report which has been touted for its wonderful exposition and critique of “Federal Vision” theology. Rev. DeJong has taken the time to go through the report (in 17 brief posts which you can read on his blog) and has pointed out the numerous shortcomings of it. The sad thing is, this report is probably better than the OPC AND PCA reports.

But if you want to know why many of us have been frustrated to the point of almost being unwilling to discuss any these issues at all, read what Rev. DeJong says (and, trust me, he’s only hitting the high points, much more could be said). If the men who served on the various FV committees of the NAPARC denominations really care about truth, it would be nice to see some evidence of that in their reports. But so far, . . . nothing.

But in spite of that, Rev. DeJong deserves our thanks for taking the time to do something the rest of us were too disheartened over to bother with. It is encouraging to find someone who cares enough to examine things carefully.

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