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So, once again, another one of Allah’s boys has attempted to disprove the fact that Islam is a religion of peace. Now, everyone is falling over themselves trying to find proof that Hasan was an unstable “Islamic extremist,” a “jihadist,” a “fanatical terrorist,” etc., etc. — i.e., anything but what he really is: a faithful, obedient Muslim.

Here’s the problem: As long as we continue to portray Islamic terrorists as “extremists,” “nutcases,” and “whackos” we’re missing the point. The ones who kill are NOT extremists — they’re simply faithful Muslims. All devout Muslims must submit to the Koran which obligates them to kill Christians, Jews, and all other “unbelievers.” Those who refuse to do this are the exceptions. THEY are the abnormal ones — NOT Hasan. He’s just being obedient and following the teachings of Muhammad consistently. In fact, if a Muslim objects to Muhammad’s teachings on this point — he opens himself up to being treated like an infidel as well. It’s only neo-orthodox Muslims and Islamic hypocrites that think murder is a bad thing.

Until we acknowledge this, we’ll continue to put ourselves at risk. We’ll continue to allow devout Muslims into the military. We’ll continue to employ them as baggage handlers at our airports, and allow them to hold positions from which they can cause great harm in a very short time. Someone says, “Wait. You don’t want us to start discriminating against people because of their religion do you?” Let me answer with another question: “Would you think it wrong if I refused to hire a convicted, self-confessed child molester to run my day care center?” And if I did do such a foolish thing and he started molesting the children, would I have grounds to protest that I didn’t realize he was a fanatical child molester?

It’s time to label Islam accurately: It’s a Satanic cult built upon lies, hatred, intimidation, and murder. Until we are willing to acknowledge this truth, we will continue to adopt and follow policies that put the citizens of our country at enormous risk. To presume that most Muslims are hypocrites is folly. The time for being surprised and shocked that there are Muslims who will actually follow Muhammad’s command and kill a bunch of unarmed and defenseless “infidels” for the glory of Allah and the opportunity to have a flesh party with his 72 virgins, is past.

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The Future of Jesus

I continue to get inquiries asking if I think we’re living in the “last days” (because of all the shenanigans being pulled by Obama and friends). My answer is very profound and thoughtful. I usually say, “nope.” But Mark Horne has taken the trouble to spell out in a brief space, why I say this. Go here and see for yourself. Short, to the point, clear, excellent. That’s what my “nope” means. Thanks Mark.

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