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An amazing tool

A few weeks ago I ordered (online) a copy of the Liberty Fund’s “Portable Library of Liberty.” The Liberty Fund is offering this CD free of charge to anyone who requests a copy (go online here to order). Well, it arrived today and I’ve just spent a half hour or so perusing the contents — and I have to say, it’s amazing.

There are over 900 books (unabridged and searchable) included along with 35 hours of MP3 audio of interviews with some of the leading thinkers of our day. All the books are in three formats (facsimile PDF, HTML, and PDF E-Books). I was astonished at the breadth of titles included (theological, historical, classical, and philosophical). You can browse the CD by title, author, period, schools of thought, subject areas, or topics. All the present Liberty Fund titles are there along with the complete works of Shakespeare, Adam Smith, Thomas Jefferson, Montesquieu, John Stuart Mill, all the poetical works of Milton, and many others (these books would cost you hundreds of $$$ to obtain today — if you could find them).

There are a large selection of works on the American Revolution and Constitution, the English Revolution, and the French Revolution (containing some of the best literature ever written on these epochal events). You can read some of the great writings on Education, Economics, Socialism and the classic Liberal critique, Art, Political theory, and even Theology (some of Calvin’s commentaries along with His Institutes; the complete Summa Theologica; the writings of Wycliffe, Hus, Zwingli, Luther, Bede, Augustine, Luther, John Robinson, and Richard Hooker are included among others).

All in all, this is a wonderful tool and to think that you can get it just for the asking is about as good as it gets. We are indebted to the Liberty Fund for making this available — order yours and, while you’re at it, write them a note of thanks.

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