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So director Roland Emmerich loves to destroy landmarks in his movies (the Empire State building, the White House, the Capital Records building in LA, etc.) and he goes at it with abandon in his latest one, 2012. Nothing is spared: The White House goes down (again), the Sistine chapel, St. Peter’s, Christ the Redeemer in Rio, all are destroyed (along with many other famous places) in the movie — all the prominent landmarks . . . with one exception. Emmerich says he really wanted to depict the destruction of the Kaaba (shown on the left) in Mecca. Why didn’t he, you ask? Here’s why (from the Sci-Fi Wire):

“Well, I wanted to do that, I have to admit,” Emmerich says. “But my co-writer Harald said I will not have a fatwa on my head because of a movie. And he was right. … We have to all … in the Western world … think about this. You can actually … let … Christian symbols fall apart, but if you would do this with [an] Arab symbol, you would have … a fatwa, and that sounds a little bit like what the state of this world is. So it’s just something which I kind of didn’t [think] was [an] important element, anyway, in the film, so I kind of left it out.”

ok. Here’s the state of the world — Christian symbols may be exploded, destroyed, defaced, and treated with reckless abandon and Christians understand that it’s just a movie, it’s no big deal, you’re telling a story and it’s ok. But if you so much as touch the symbols of Islam (which we are told over and over again is a “peaceful” religion), some maniac will think he’s doing God’s will if he can find you and cut off your head.

And that does tell you something. The only reason most people “respect” Islam is because they don’t want to be chased down and killed in the street.

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