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“God was merciful to me.”

I never heard the full story until today (read Gentry Estes’ column from the Mobile Press-Register). Brandon Deaderick (defensive end for Alabama, he’s the one with the white bandages on his left arm) was shot by a robber Monday night, August 31, while waiting for someone in his car in a parking lot. The robber approached him and demanded, “Give it up.” Poor guy didn’t realize that he’d just chosen one of the largest human beings in the South as his intended victim. Brandon is 6’4, 310 pounds and when he got out of the car and charged the robber, understandably the guy panicked and ran. Unfortunately, before he ran he fired his gun and hit Brandon. The bullet went through Brandon’s arm and hip and exited out of an area near his groin. He was rushed to the hospital and received treatment. The fact that Brandon survived is a great story. But that’s not all the story.

Not only did Brandon survive, amazingly, he was released from the hospital on Tuesday, came to practice on Wednesday (wearing the “no-contact” jersey), practiced at full-speed on Thursday, traveled to Atlanta on Friday, and played in the Virginia Tech game last Saturday night — and made one tackle.

Here’s Brandon’s take, “It is a testament to how good God is. I could be in a wheelchair or in a funeral home right now. God was merciful on me and he gave me a second chance at life, I just want to take advantage of every opportunity I get every day because nothing is entitled to you.”

Amen. God is good. I wasn’t shot a week and a half ago. I’ve never been shot in my life. And God has been just as merciful to me as He has been to Brandon. And if you’re alive, the same goes for you. Now Brandon and all of us have the obligation to live faithfully, taking advantage of every opportunity we get, and doing it with gratitude to the Lord for His goodness in preserving us each day.

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Knock yourself out

Watch closely. This is not as easy as it looks:

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