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Turner Publishing is holding a contest and it’s a pretty good one. If you win, you get free books (your choice of their publications) for an entire year. Not bad, eh? If you go to their web site, you can check out their publications and there’s some pretty good stuff there. Go here to enter. The deadline for entries is October 31.

Ain’t I nice to let you know about all this?


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For a number of years the Liberty Fund has published beautiful books at incredibly reasonable prices. And over the past few years, they have made nearly all their books available online. Now they are offering “The Portable Library of Liberty” free to all who write to request it. It’s a DVD filled with over 900 books (click on the link and check out the titles) and some 27 hours of audio (interviews with some of the “classic liberals” of our day: Jacques Barzun; Raoul Berger; James Buchanan; Milton Friedman; M. Stanton Evans, etc). The books are the books are in EBook PDF format (text based) and fully searchable . . . and, did I say it is FREE?

This looks like a great resource. I just requested my copy and you may want to do the same.

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This is a man who is respected by many in the PCA and the conservative Reformed world in general. And yet, he has many questions about whether Adam was a real, historical figure. What? Where are the fierce and fearless Reformed “warriors for truth” when you really need them?

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Andrewes discussion

If you have been following the discussion that has been on-going here, you’ll want to go over the Steven Wedgeworth’s blog where it continues with a new post from Peter Escalante.

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The MP3s of the talks given at the Bucer Institute on “Romanism and Orthodoxy” are now ready and you can go here to download them.

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Just a thought

Today is the anniversary of the signing of the Constitution and I was just wondering what the Founders would think about the use of taxpayer money to help fund prostitution rings. I have no idea why that popped into my head . . . strange.

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Here’s some shocking news: a new study has just concluded that spanking children is bad for them and can have long lasting effects. I know. Don’t worry. I’ll give you a few moments to catch your breath.

The study found “spanking may have detrimental effects on behavior and mental development.” This conforms to the findings of previous studies which have confirmed that “parents who spank are more likely to be younger, less educated, single, and/or depressed and stressed.” But wait, there’s more:

“Spanking is most commonly used among parents who were spanked themselves, who live in the South, and/or who identify themselves as conservative Christians. These parents also tend to believe in the effectiveness of spanking or believe the child is at fault in a given situation, the study said.” Imagine that, people who spank their children actually believe the child is “at fault in a given situation.” AND . . . that spanking will actually be effective! Is that crazy or what???? Wow. What is this world coming to?

But did you catch it? All this is another problem that roots itself in the South and/or among those “who identify themselves as conservative Christians.” There it is. They even used “and/or.” Damning evidence if I’ve ever seen it. Southerners AND/OR conservative Christians = child abusers.

And I say: You’re being redundant. It’s all very obvious. I knew it already. You’re boring me.

[and if you’re tempted to believe this study, give me a call]

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