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Mark Horne has written a couple of fine posts here and here regarding the new move by some conservative Presbyterians to become Romanists without acknowledging the Pope (you can see it with your own eyes here).

In case you haven’t been paying attention (or have been on vacation like me) we are now instructed by the non-Roman Romanists to read the Bible through the lens of the Westminster Confession of Faith. This, in spite of the direct, specific warning against doing such a thing in the Westminster Confession itself (see the chapters on the Holy Scriptures and that on Synods and Councils). This is what it means to be a “truly Reformed” Presbyterian nowadays. Forget about the supremacy of Scripture, read your Confession — that’s the only pope you need and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise (especially those stinking Papists who deny the full sufficiency of the Scriptures!).

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