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If you haven’t yet started listening to the Nuclearity podcasts, start today. Hugh Duncan does a great job in producing an interesting, informative, and provocative (in the Hebrews 10 sense) 15 minutes. Especially good is his “You Love a Lucy” series on marriage. Very helpful. In part 2 of the series Duncan addresses the issue of how actors and actresses protect their marriages while on stage/on camera. Most movies involve love scenes with men/women who are not married. So what is an actor to do if he is concerned to protect his marriage or avoid temptation to immorality?

Hugh interviews Eduardo Verástegui (producer of and lead actor in the outstanding movie, Bella) and Kirk Cameron (star of the movie Fireproof) on how they seek to guard themselves and the actresses they work with, from the temptation to infidelity. Both men have determined to treat all women with the respect God has commanded they be given and so they have determined not to participate in scenes that involve kissing, inappropriate behavior with women, and, of course, nudity. Can this be done without turning every film into a stiff and weird “Billy Graham” movie? Sure it can and it can be done with beauty, grace, and romance — it just takes a little more creativity to make it work.

Hugh Duncan observes that we use stunt doubles to protect the lives of actors (since preserving life is more important than any movie), so why not use “kissing doubles” in an effort to protect the marriages (and purity) of the actors? Isn’t protecting marriages more important than a movie as well?

Nowadays we’re even being assured that no injuries were caused to any animals during the production of the film. Duncan notes that he looks forward to the day when movies include the assurance that “no marriages were harmed during the making of this movie.” Great point. Give Nuclearity a listen.

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