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Ok, just one more thing regarding the stuff swirling around the murder of Dr. George Tiller. Time magazine reports that a portrait of the famous abolitionist John Brown occupies “a place of honor” at the state capitol in Topeka. Really? huh and whaddayaknow.

You know John Brown, right? John Brown was that really crazy guy back in the 1850s who had a novel idea. He thought he could provoke a slave uprising by killing innocent people. In 1856 Brown took a tour through Kansas where he killed a number of innocent people in the name of compassion, justice, and immediate emancipation (and it’s probably important to note that none of the people Brown murdered owned slaves). Brown did his work brutally, in cold blood, forcing the horrified wives and mothers to watch while he and his gang hacked their husbands and sons to pieces before their eyes.

You would expect such a brutal murderer to be denounced. But surprisingly, John Brown was lionized, acclaimed a hero, a compassionate defender of the weak, a martyr to the holy cause of freedom and humanity and one who would be welcomed into heaven as a saint. When he was tried and condemned to die for his crimes, it was claimed that John Brown would make the gallows as glorious as the cross.

Dr. Tiller was a self-confessed murderer who boasted of his willingness to kill late term babies. And his boasts were anything but empty. Some say Dr. Tiller killed upwards of 60,000 children. Killed them brutally, in cold blood. And he was proud of his work.

You would expect a man who single-handedly killed 60,000 babies to be denounced. But surprisingly, Dr. Tiller was lionized at his funeral last Friday as a man who was “a modern day hero, compassionate, courageous, caring, generous, a friend of women and children,” and someone who would surely make heaven a better place by his presence there.

What is odd about this is that while Dr. Tiller and John Brown are honored, Scott Roeder (the accused murderer of Dr. Tiller) is denounced as a “domestic terrorist” and as an unfeeling, cold-blooded killer. I doubt the first charge and while I have no idea whether Mr. Roeder was unfeeling or of the particular temperature of his blood, there is no question that he is a murderer and, like John Brown and Dr. Tiller, deserves to be put to death for his crime.

But my question is this: Why is Scott Roeder demonized and John Brown and Dr. Tiller lionized? Why this inconsistency?

Oh, wait. Maybe it’s not inconsistent. Maybe the way to be honored nowadays is to kill a whole bunch of innocent people.

Yeah, that must be it.

Crazy world, eh?

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