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If you weren’t here for John Barach’s lectures on Philippians, you really missed a treat. John did a great job in covering Paul’s epistle, giving both exegetical and practical insights that were extremely helpful. Here are a few of the tidbits we heard:

“Being in prison is not bad news . . . it’s the first stage of dominion.”
“Paul is a Trojan Horse for the gospel.”
“The support of the Spirit comes through the prayers of the people.”
“Paul saw his mission as making people joyful. This is the pastor’s job.”
“Unity is a gift and a mandate.”

And there was a lot more that I don’t have time to put in now — really great stuff.

Go to the MP3 site and download the lectures as soon as they’re ready, they are excellent.

(and we are already looking forward to seeing them in a future “Through New Eyes” commentary!)

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