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in the comments section of the last post, Dale asks, “Pastor Steve: my tax dollars are being forcefully taken from me and used to pay for murdering the unborn. How do we respond?”

rather than respond in the comments, I decided to put my response here:

yeah, good question, Dale. I think we respond to this in much the same way we respond to all the other sins and trespasses of the world: by worship and witness.

We worship as priests (i.e. we worship *for* the world). We must confess our (the world’s) sins and call upon the Lord to come and act (in the same way the apostles and disciples prayed when threatened by the Jewish leadership in the first century, Acts 4).

And then we can act: calling upon our Congressmen and Senators and fellow citizens to respond faithfully to this — and all other evil actions taken by the administration; and living sacrificially showing mercy to the world around us. The more we serve, the more powerful our witness. Apart from this, our protests get lost in the chorus of criticism and we end up looking like mere “naysayers.”

Mercy, sacrifice, and compassionate service, distinguishes our critique from the naysayers. Our goal is not to try to insure that others respect our sensibilities. We’re here to bring the life and healing of Jesus to the world. These actions attack the life and well-being of the world — and that’s why we oppose them. It’s not a matter of politics. It’s not a matter of having our “views” respected. It’s life and death.

But worship is first. It insures that our actions will be kept on target (with the right goal, the right motives, and with no doubt about where our hope lies).

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