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Ok, so I’m a sucker for Clint Eastwood, growling, scowling, and grimacing his way through another movie. This may not be Clint’s best, but I liked it. As the movie opens, Walt Kowalski (Clint’s character) has just lost his wife. One of her last requests to her young parish priest, was that he get her husband to go to confession. Walt *needs* to go to confession and gradually comes to realize just how badly he needs to do so. He lives next door to a family of Asian (Hmong) immigrants and the story revolves around how he is reluctantly drawn into a relationship with them. Walt becomes the crankiest guardian angel you’ll ever see. Eastwood is great in this (by now) familiar role (in this case, he’s Archie Bunker packing heat). Here’s one of his memorable lines (spoken to a gang of hoodlums who thought they were tough . . . that is, until they met Walt): “Ever notice how you come across somebody once in a while that you shouldn’t have messed with? That’s me.”

Yes. it. is.

Oh it’s a tad predictable. You realize early on that Walt is going to end up liking his new neighbors, and, probably, sacrificing himself for them, but still, . . . come on, . . . it’s Clint, it’s the squint, it’s . . . it’s the vibe, man. Make my day.

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