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Camille defends

ok, so the problem today is how to commend Camille Paglia to readers without coming across as one who is indifferent to the fact that she is a feminist atheist lesbian? Solution?

I’m waiting. . . .

so, you don’t know either, eh?

Well, in that case, I’ll simply commend her to you. Paglia is one of the more interesting thinkers of our day (feminism/atheism/lesbianism notwithstanding). She refuses to be pigeonholed, especially by her radical friends, and is usually willing to ridicule hypocrisy (even when it is found among her friends) and respect that which is truly respectable . . . including evangelical Christians. . . . including evangelical Christians like . . . Sarah Palin. Her boldness to say things that liberals and others on the wacky left would beat themselves heartily about the head and shoulders if they even dared to think them, is just wonderful.

Here are some quotes from her most recent column defending Sarah from the outrageous accusations of the left: (more…)

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