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Thankful in all things

Siran Stacy was a great running back at the University of Alabama between the years 1989-1991 and later played for the Philadelphia Eagles. He was a great football player, but more importantly, Siran was (and is) a faithful Christian. A little over a year ago (on November 19, 2007) Siran and his wife and five children were broadsided by a drunk driver going 80 miles an hour through an intersection while they waited at a traffic light. The impact killed his wife and four of his five children.

This week Fox 6 in Birmingham ran a story about Siran a year after this terrible accident. You can watch it here.

Romans 8:28 is easy to quote. So easy we often forget the power of the promise of God. Siran Stacy has known the blessing of this promise as the Lord has sustained and upheld him through this horrific tragedy. This coming Saturday, Siran will be the honorary team captain for Alabama as they play Auburn. Pray for God’s continued blessing upon him and give thanks that we can all know that all things work together for good.

siran stacy

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Suffer with them

This from the Times online:

“Extremist Hindu groups offered money, food and alcohol to mobs to kill Christians and destroy their homes, according to Christian aid workers in the eastern state of Orissa. . . . Orissa has suffered a series of murders and arson attacks in recent months, with at least 67 Christians killed, according to the Roman Catholic Church. Several thousand homes have been razed and hundreds of places of worship destroyed, and crops are now wasting in the fields.” The article goes on to say that the going rate for killing a pastor is $250.

“Almighty and everlasting God, hear the cries of Your people as we call to you for Your suffering church throughout the world. As You heard the cries of Your ancient people in bondage in Egypt and came down to deliver them, so now hearken to the suffering of the persecuted in our time. Give bread to those who are hungry, comfort to the imprisoned, and grant strength to those hunted and tortured for Your Name’s sake. Sustain them by Your Holy Spirit that they might overcome by the blood of the Lamb and so receive the crown of life. All for the sake of Jesus who lived and died for us, who now lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever.”

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Camille defends

ok, so the problem today is how to commend Camille Paglia to readers without coming across as one who is indifferent to the fact that she is a feminist atheist lesbian? Solution?

I’m waiting. . . .

so, you don’t know either, eh?

Well, in that case, I’ll simply commend her to you. Paglia is one of the more interesting thinkers of our day (feminism/atheism/lesbianism notwithstanding). She refuses to be pigeonholed, especially by her radical friends, and is usually willing to ridicule hypocrisy (even when it is found among her friends) and respect that which is truly respectable . . . including evangelical Christians. . . . including evangelical Christians like . . . Sarah Palin. Her boldness to say things that liberals and others on the wacky left would beat themselves heartily about the head and shoulders if they even dared to think them, is just wonderful.

Here are some quotes from her most recent column defending Sarah from the outrageous accusations of the left: (more…)

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The politics of skin

Alan Wolfe (of the Boisi Center for Religion and American Public Life) recently wrote a remarkably bigoted comment in The New Republic celebrating the demise of the politics of bigotry. But he ain’t getting away with this, Peter Leithart has written a response in First Things.

Addendum: I thought Alan Wolfe’s comments were bad, but they were nothing compared to Franky Schaeffer’s. Wow. I guess Obama’s election hasn’t ushered in the new world of love we were led to expect. Franky’s got a real mad on. And just think, all this comes after they WON the election. What would we be getting from these guys if they had lost???

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Uninformed is not the word

So a reporter goes to Harlem and asks why some Obama supporters are supporting him. “Is it because he is pro-life and wants our troops to continue the war in Iraq?” he asks (attributing McCain’s positions to Obama). “Yes, absolutely,” they answer. “If he wins, will you have any problem having Sarah Palin as Vice-President?” “No, not at all, I think she will do a good job.” Listen for yourself.

An informed electorate indeed.

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10 things

Doug Wilson offers some very helpful counsel to all of us on this election day. Read it here.

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