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You know, if Dave Barry was a TV commentator at the Democratic convention, I might watch.

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Just a quick note to call your attention to our 2008-9 Bucer Institute schedule and activities. On Friday night, September 12 at 7:00, we’ll be having our annual convocation banquet with Jim Jordan as our speaker (great food, stimulating fellowship, and all for only $10 per plate!). Then on Saturday morning at 9:00, we begin the semester with the first class of Jim’s Old Testament Survey Course (he will give four lectures on the book of Genesis). It’s going to be just fine in every way and everyone who would like to come is welcome.

(If you go to the Bucer Institute site, you can see the rest of the schedule for this semester . . . Jeff Meyers is coming, as is Ralph Smith, along with our regulars, Duane Garner and George Thompson — wondermous in excelsis).

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