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I’m enjoying re-reading Up From Slavery the autobiography of Booker T. Washington. There’s a great deal of wisdom here. For example, Washington observes, “The average man usually has the idea that if he were just somewhere else, in another state or city, or in contact with another race, he would succeed, forgetting too often to utilize the forces that are about him and in his hand.” yep and Amen.

We often think that if we were in another place; if we had another position or more money or greater prominence or important connections, THEN we would be truly useful and influential. We’re dreaming. The reality is if we’re not being faithful where we are with what we have, having more wouldn’t help us. Don’t fall into the trap of blaming your lack of fruitfulness upon a lack of opportunity or the absence of some asset. Take advantage of the opportunities you have now being faithful to fulfill the duties that you have been given now. True “success” is founded upon faithfulness in your present circumstances.

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