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It was a cold day in…

By the way, it is currently snowing in Monroe, Louisiana.

If you will kindly idle your car in the driveway for a while, and release some extra greenhouse gasses, we would appreciate it.

Update: It worked. Thank you.

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Motivation, etc.

The people that work in the print shops which produce these inspirational posters with colorful photographs illustrating such principles as “teamwork” or “achievement”, do you think that they remain in a constant state of motivation?

Speaking of achievement, when you have listened to an unabridged audio book in your car, do you tell people, “Yeah, I read that book.”… or do you ‘fess up and say, “I listened to it.” and then go about explaining that it was unabridged and you listened to it really closely, while the “real” readers of the book roll their eyes? To be honest, I would rather people just tell me they “read it”, and save me all the suspicion.

Speaking of audio books, we picked up a neat one from the library the other day – “Where’s Waldo.” It went something like this, “Bob…. Jack…. Larry…. Hank…. Joe…. Frank… …. …. …. waldo…”

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