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Ok. So what are the top five Flannery O’Connor short stories? Everyone always lists “A Good Man is Hard to Find” and, of course, that would have to be in the top five, but that’s too easy. Let’s agree to place it to the side for the purposes of this list. What are the five best other than “A Good Man”? Here’s my list:

1. “Greenleaf” (the Bull takes care of business: “‘With the Momma I got it’s a wonder I turned out to be such a nice boy!’”)

2. “The Enduring Chill” (the arrogance of the modern gets a rebuke from purgatory: “‘Don’t you think if I’d wanted to go to a doctor I’d have gone up there where they have some good ones?’”).

3. “The Lame Shall Enter First” (shepherd or Savior: “‘Save yourself,’ he hissed. ‘Nobody can save me but Jesus.’”)

4. “Parker’s Back” (can’t get away from Jesus: “‘Mr. Parker,’ she said, ‘you’re a walking panner-rammer!’”)

5. “Revelation” (Mrs. Turpin gets brought down a notch . . . or two: “When I think who all I could have been besides myself . . . . I feel like shouting, ‘Thank you Jesus for making everything the way it is!’”).

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